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Hey you guys, good morning it’s. Super early in the morning I’m. Just waking up have the morning voice doing some editing here on my computer. I need breakfast for breakfast. I tried to flood my system with natural fruit sugars, because fruit is one of the best things in the plant.

You can be eating especially first thing in the morning to jumpstart your brain, put: fiber and natural fruit, sugars in your body, and get all those vitamins and minerals flooding throughout your blood, your organs and your muscles and your eyes and your nose and your ears and Your whole body, so I have this delicious soursop from miami fruit.

If you guys want to click the link below you can find miami mangosteen fruit and get the same fruit. I’m. Getting sour stopped a tropical fruit. I’ve tried to grow at my garden many times, but it doesn’t like the cold of the Phoenix area we get into the mid to high 20s, usually once every winter, and that one week where the nighttime temps hit 25 26, that one time will just kill all your tropicals, so you got to be in a place where it stays like, usually in the 40s, as the coldest on the coldest night of the year.

So I got this beautiful one from Emmy fruit kind of a smaller one. I first had this fruit in Hawaii and it’s supposed to be the cure to cancer s. Oh, you are SOP, go online and search soursop and look at the nutrients that are inside this amazing fruit. green papaya

So I’m, not an expert on soursop. I just wanted to show you guys, because I love showing you guys rare and exciting fruits that I’m eating check it out so white on the inside and it’s kind of pulpy. So you could just like.

Take the peeling off and eat the inside out, but you can also cut it into slices just what I’m gonna do for you guys this morning and you can just eat it like orange slices and there’s. A lot of seeds in it, but the seeds are big and black.

You can kind of pull it back and this pulpy kind of flaky cotton, candy, looking fluffy stuff, that’s, the fruit, something about the fats in this fruit are supposed to be totally anti-cancer. Anti-Tumor.

Do your own research and then I’ve got seeds there you can plant those seeds. Of course, I love the soursop and I love Miami fruit, because, with that ma & # 39, am you forgot to go to Hawaii just to go to a farmers market just to get this fruit? They’re shipping it from Florida right to my door.

So thanks for sharing my breakfast with me, hope you guys get yourself. Some soursop click the link below and use promo code. Vegan athlete I’ll cap. When you check out, I don’t make any money off that I just love supporting these companies, because if they stay in business I get access to the amazing fruit.

So go support them love! You guys! Go vegan grow it at home. If you can, I & # 39. Ll, see you guys next time: soursop [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ],

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