How to Make Homemade Nunchucks


All right, hi everyone – this is instructor, stephen from dong’s, karate um! In the next couple of weeks, uh master grossman. He’s, going to be working with you guys on and practicing some nunchucks at home and inside of the zoom classes on the facebook classes uh.

So what we’re going to do here is we are going to uh build a pair of kid-friendly, safe nunchucks that you guys can practice with at home without having to buy anything, and this is an idea that we got from um grandmaster quan, Which is the son of one of uh grand master kwon’s, son, which is uh one of grandmaster dong’s, good friends? So what we’re gonna do here is all you need for this.

Is you just need an old t-shirt? This is an adult medium sized t-shirt. We have two sheets of paper and we just have some tape. I have some masking tape here, some scotch tape and then just some regular old masking masking tape uh.

So what we’re, going to do all you need to do. First, litigation is we’re just going to start off by taking the t-shirt, and we’re just going to fold it in a couple times we’re going to do that on both ends like so and then uh the Next step is just to take it and slowly wind it up.

So you’re, just gonna roll it little by little into a nice tube. Just like this good. So once you have that all rolled up, then you can take one of your pieces of paper and you want to make sure that you use this paper the long way.

So you have a nice good handle on it and then we’re going to do the same thing. We’re, going to go to one end, and then we are just going to roll that paper up inside of the or roll the t-shirt up right inside of the paper just like this, and what i like to do is just take a piece Of scotch tape here just put a couple little pieces of scotch tape on the end just to hold it together.

So while you’re doing the other end, it doesn’t come apart, so i take three little pieces of tape there and then you have one end. Now it’s, not done yet. What we’re going to do now. Is we’re, going to go ahead and go to the other end so same thing? On this side, we’re, going to take it.

We’re, going to roll it up like so you can kind of see how this is starting to to form the nunchuck dog grooming there uh the same thing. We’re gonna take a piece of tape. Put that one on here. Good. We’ll. Just use two on this side, awesome perfect.

So what you have here is you have two pieces of paper and you have the tube in the middle, and you can see the middle part is bendy where there’s, nothing there. Now. What you want to do is you want to take some duct tape or some masking tape, something a little bit stronger than this other tape.

And then we’re, going to start at the outside end here and then we are just going to wrap it up and i’m doing this kind of quick. So it’s, not going to be too pretty, but uh. You guys can take your time at home.

If you use some clear masking tape, then you could even take the paper and you can decorate it a little bit and draw designs on it. However, you would like to to make it look nice, but i’m just going to wrap this up kind of quick, so you guys can see the idea and understand what’s going on good little by little, i’M getting there slowly but surely a little bit at a time a little bit at a time good.

This is just going to provide a little bit more structure to the handle here. Good now, once you get to the end here, you’re, going to want to make sure that you get a little bit of tape. That’s connected to the shirt as well.

If you just tape on the paper and you don’t tape, it on the shirt, then, when you start just swinging it, the t-shirt webhosting will slide out the handle here and we don’t want that to happen. So we’re, going to get that and then get that nice and tight.

Now you can see we got one of our handles done now. We’re, going to go ahead and do the same thing on the other side. So i’m, going to start here on the outside. It’s, got a little bit of tape in my mouth and then slowly wrap that up a little bit at a time good.

You can kind of squeeze it a little bit and tighten it up as you’re rolling it good. Almost there hey that works, better, pull the tape out and then start wrapping it that’ll speed things up a little bit very good, all right and then same thing.

Once we get to the very end down here, we’re, going to make sure that we get just a little bit of it on the shirt that way it keeps it nice and tight to the uh the handle and that the handle doesn’t come flying out good.

So now, when you look at it here, you got your two ends that are taped up and you got the middle, which is bendy and uh, and it works pretty good, so go ahead and make a pair of these. If you want, you could even make two but yeah master.

Gerson’s, going to be teaching a little bit of nunchuck practicing the next in the upcoming zoom classes in the facebook websites classes. So go ahead and make yourself a couple pair and let’s. Get ready to have some fun just be safe.

Make sure when you’re practicing at home, kids always make sure you have your parents permission and be safe. Make sure you’re, not doing it around anything that you can break or hurt and yeah have fun and stay safe, guys.


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