Is Judo good for self defense?


All right today, i want to talk a little bit about. Does judo work in a self-defense setting that’s, a question i get all the time like hey. I really want to learn how to defend myself. Would you know, be a good martial art for that and the simple answer is yes right, better doing, judo than sitting on your couch eating potato chips right, i guarantee you.

If you did judo consistently for the next 10 years, you’ll, be better equipped to defend yourself, as opposed to, if you sat on the couch eating potato chips for the next 10 years. Right with that being said with that being said, right is judo the perfect martial art for you to learn.

Self-Defense uh, that’s, a very tricky question. I counter that question with the question to you, who are you defending yourself against all right? Keep it wrong, who are you defending yourself against? Are you defending yourself against another grappler wrestling somebody who’s striking and a lot of the times that question i get people that says i want to defend myself against someone bigger than me right, but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better right.

Why were you rambling about potato chips? What the hell so, who are you defending yourself against a skilled fighter right that’s, a completely another ball game right and then athletic level really does matter? If you’re very unathletic and you’ve, never done sports in your life and right.

You’re, going up against someone who has no martial arts experience, but let’s just say: lebron james is trying to mug you, you’re gonna have a hard time with just a little bit of judo knowledge Right so athletic ability aptitude coordination.

All these things does come into play. Now, let’s. Look at some of the things that judo can potentially help. If you can close the distance and put your hands on somebody, then that’s, a great situation, even in a one-person versus two-person scenario.

If the person comes at you first and you’re able to close that distance without getting punched, and you could take that person down hard right, you could take them down and then move on to the next person right as opposed to something like You know you take them down with a double leg.

Takedown, taekwondo now, all of a sudden, you’re, entangled on the floor with the other person, so the second third fourth person may come and just kick you in the head right: it’s same with other ground oriented martial arts.

If you have someone’s back and you have the hooks in and you’re looking for that rear naked choke. But if he has a friend he’s going to come in and put boots into the side of your head right. So i you know that’s, the advantage of judah right, you’re.

Upright you take the person down boom and you can take another person down given you have the skills not to get struck. Now, if you’re training judo for many years, you develop hand-eye coordination, so you’re, probably better off, with keeping your hands up and moving and avoiding hands.

Coming at you, because you’re sort of developing this skill. Indirectly, right, you may not be developing uh ducting the punches and then the the jabs and keeping your hand up and pairing the movements.

But you’re indirectly. Learning the skill, through gripping through hand, position through facing off with someone in a face-to-face confrontational situation, so you may have an advantage there. I think if you have defensive boxing skills in conjunction with high-level judo, it’s, sort of the best way to defend yourself against the average sort of street karate brawler type.

That may you may have to defend yourself against right, so that’s. My two cents on that now, when you’re learning judo as well, you put yourself in a scenario. This is another indirect situation where you may benefit from judo.

Is that you are training to be in this highly stressful, full throttle environment where someone is trying to impose their will against you right? You’re, saying i don’t want to get taken down and they’re, putting their hands on you.

They’re cranking on your head and they’re. Moving there’s. A flurry of action getting used to that sort of uh scenario where someone has their hands on you with the intent of doing something against your will.

That, i think, is one of the biggest advantages to judo because you could train being in that setting day in and day out day in and day out. I know people that say to me. Oh i boxed for many years or oh.

I have boxing experience. It’s like okay. You could go to mendez boxing down on 20 something street and be boxing for years and never spar. I think the statistic of something like 90 of people that go to these boxing gyms, never spar right.

You look at someone that does kickboxing chiropractor it’s like if you go to i love kickboxing, you’re, never gonna spar right so having that real life to live, uh, non-cooperative drilling environment or combative environment is really really crucial, and You can’t, get around doing that in june right because you have to do live, you have to do live and the same thing goes for wrestling ensemble brazilian jitsu, because you’re used to that kind of live goals right where It’s, my body against your body, my goals against your goals, so that’s.

Another thing that may potentially help you increase the likelihood of being able to defend yourself right. So we have the technical aspect: uh. We have the mental side where we’re talking about development through the actual life goals and then combined with the precursor of being able to avoid getting hit.

I think you have a winning combination for developing yourself right in order to be uh capable of defending yourself against the average person right, so that’s, sort of my two cents on that. If you have any more questions, you could comment down below or you can even reach out to me on instagram um yeah.

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