How To Clean Your Top Loading Washer

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Hi welcome to simple solutions: diva I’m, Laura Morey and today we’re. Putting another Pinterest pin to the test today’s. Topic is all about how to clean your top loading washer. Now I’ve got a perfect test subject here, because I have had this machine for like 14 15 years now, hasn’t really been cleaned recently, so it’s perfect for testing this out.

Now the whole project takes about three hours, so don’t. Try to do this on a day. You need to do laundry. So first thing they suggest in the pin is that you fill your top loading washer with hot water, and you put it on the highest largest capacity possible to that hot water.

You add 32 ounces or one quart of chlorine bleach to the hot water. Now you have that and then you shut the lid and you want to let this agitate for one minute and then you turn it off and you let the water and the chlorine bleach just sit in there for one hour.

Okay, the hot water and bleach has been sitting in here for an hour. We’re, then going to turn the washer on. Let it run through its cycle. Then we’re, going to start the whole process over again, but instead of using bleach and hot water, we’re, going to use vinegar, a quart of vinegar paw paw ointment with the hot water.

We’re starting the cycle all over again. We have our hot water, and now we’re, going to do add one quart, that’s 32 ounces of vinegar to the entire load. Here we’re, going to let it educate for a minute and what let it sit for one hour now, keep in mind the whole process of doing the bleach and the vinegar is that it’s, going to go through the whole System through all the tubing, etc, it’s, going to strip the washer of minerals and mineral deposits and dirt, and all that other good, that just kind of builds up over time great for hard water areas now done our second soak with the hot Water and vinegar solution, so it’s been sitting here for about an hour, and the pin suggests at this point before you actually let it run through its full cycle plumbing where it will rinse and everything is to take a micro macro, fiber cloth and Use the vinegar, watt hot water solution in here to just clean the outside, which I’ve already done, I’ve, already cleaned the outside of the washer, and then you also use it to clean on the inside and under the lip Here there’s like a little res on my washer.

There’s a little reservoir and I’ve already done some pre cleaning. I mean look at that. That’s, pretty gross. I don’t know if you can see that or not, but there’s. Lots of gunk under there I didn’t realize that there was stuff under there.

So I really feel that so far so good this pin is working awesome. I’m, really getting a nice clean washer and I really feel like it’s working so far. So now I’m going to shut the lid. I’m, going to start it.

Let it run through its course, and then I’m, going to take a look at it once it’s done. The washer has gone through two full cycles. First cycle we did with hot water and bleach second cycle. We did with hot water and vinegar in the middle of that cycle.

We took a microfiber cloth and we use that hot water and vinegar solution to really clean out really scrub in here under the lip of the washer and on the top of the inner tub. There’s, a reservoir in here it was really gunky, so we got in there.

We cleaned it out, ran it through finish that cycle,clock repair and I got ta say I think my washer has not been this clean in years. I think this whole pin was a great idea, highly recommended. I hope you will have an opportunity to use it as well.

Join us next week on simple solutions: diva calm, as we put Pinterest to the test once again,

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