The health benefits of pawpaw and aloe vera cream for dogs

Paw paw ointment

Just about a week ago, smokey had an infestation of itch mites, which was very bad. I put apple cider, vinegar on it and took him to the beach every day and that killed them off, but he was left with a rash and scratching and scratching and scratching.

He is allergic to these sort of things to fleas as well and he breaks out in rashes and he scratches and scratches. But this time he scraped the scratched too much and he was bleeding and on his neck he had a wart and he was scratching that and that was bleeding also.

So I got very concerned so four days ago I went and bought some aloe vera cream with pour pour in, and I started treating him with that four days ago, as you’ll, see on the video after four days you & # 39.

Ll see the video and the the miracle that happened if the healing he just healed out of sight in four days using this, I thought was just four days and to stop him from scratching dog grooming over them for days. I put this around his neck, which he put over your shoe and then come around his neck cause.

He’s, a small dog, and I also put this collar. This is a bigger one around that to hold it on, and that stopped him from scratching where the the sores were, where he is bleeding, and it healed very, very fast with this cream.

After the four days which was today, I took him to the vet and talked to the vet about it, and she was amazed with the healing process. I showed it at the video of how bad he was, and now this one today with the healing process washing machine repairs and she said, keep that up.

She said that’s, just a miracle marvelous and I was very impressed how open-minded she was because, when I seen him before, they just wanted to put chemicals in the or his body and do all sorts of things which I didn & # 39.

T want to do it smokey, because I don’t like doing that to him. I give him all natural stuff if I can, but it’s just been wonderful, and I also use the shampoo which is oatmeal and aloe vera as well to help him along there.

And now I’m, taking in the beach regularly still for a while, and I’m still putting the cream on at night and during the day. But I did it three times a day over the fourth four days and you’ll, see for yourself how it went.

This is Smokies neck and arms where he was itching and scratching his neck to pieces, and over the last few days I’ve, been using pawpaw Plus aloe vera cream to help with the problem he’s been pretty scratchy all day On his legs, this is smokey after four days of treatment mangosteen with the aloe vera and pour pour cream.

As you can see, it’s, a miracle how it’s healed and how he looks and feels he’s. Feeling a lot better after the using of the cream, he’s, also been shampooed with oatmeal and aloe vera shampoo, it’s, a miracle.

What & # 39? S happened to him.

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