What is stem cell therapy (Orthobiologics)


What is stem cell therapy stem cell therapy is an injection treatment designed to heal injuries and reduce pain, is used for arthritis and injuries to ligaments, tendons, muscles cartilage and bone. First, let’s.

Look at the difference between human embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent, meaning that they can become of any of the more than 200 known, differentiated cell types of the human body.

On the other hand, adult stem cells are multipotent, meaning that they can develop into more than one cell type, but are more limited and controlled, and thus safer than pluripotent cells. We perform the adult stem cell treatment.

What is the role of these stem cells to understand this? Better? Let’s. Look at this example. Your house is exposed to different elements such as wind, fire, rain, Sun and time all caused damage chiropractor to the structure to keep your house in order repair.

Any damage you need different professionals like firefighters, construction workers, insurance agents and a contractor to supervise and address the project. This is no different than your personal life.

You need a dentist lawyer, financial advisor doctors, insurance agent and the barbers, along with other professionals, so both your house and your life require different professionals and specialists to keep them working well, and your body needs stem cells.

Now let’s, dive deeper and see what happens to your joints in a normal, healthy joint. You have plenty of stem cells. These cells are not only capable doing maintenance and repairs, they also know when and where these repairs clock repair are needed.

The stem cells work as a contractor that, in addition to giving instruction for repairs and maintenance can transform to specialized cells to do whatever is needed to fix any problem. When you have enough of these stem cells, there’s, a balance between damage and repair, and you have no pain and no injuries.

Think about when you were 18 years old, you were able to run jump and do the same the next day without paying. The only problem is that, with time, the number of these stem cells goes down, or sometimes the severity of the injury or damage is more than the ability of your body to repair it.

This leads to an imbalance and ultimately leads to arthritis, injuries and pain. In essence, as you age, you have a lower number of contractors and workers available to do the job or sometimes the amount of damage is too much for the available stem cells.

But fortunately there are areas of your body. They keep a good number of stem cells. These areas include the bottom of the hips and the fat and abdomen and buttocks, and this is the key to stem cell therapy.

The doctor will take stem cells from one or both of these areas and transfer them to the area of injury or arthritis. This will provide the stem cells needed for repair. In essence, the treatment will supply the manpower needed to do the job once there.

These cells secrete growth factors that will organize and coordinate other dog grooming cells to do the repairs. This leads to healing this is like the contractor. Giving instructions to get the job done. This treatment can be used for pain with injuries coming from ligaments, tendons, muscles bones, cartilage and meniscus.

When is it useful, if you have an injury or an authority, condition that do not improve with therapy medication, other injections or surgery, or if you are told you need surgery, then stem cells is a great option for you.

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