Why do we fish?: The Search Rapala® Fishing Lures

Fishing information

We know they’re out there and we know we need to find them. We target them for different reasons, but when the line tightens, we all feel the same, we feel alive. The water moves around us and the world feels far away.

We are here we are fishing, it is a search not just for fish for all things, most important for family and friends for tradition and tranquility for conservation and competition. All of us find what we are looking for, yet we continue searching we cast and as the lure soars our hopes soar with it.

This will be the one they tell us. Insanity is doing the same thing over paw paw ointment and expecting different results, but we are not insane. The fish are still out there and we are fishermen we have been since we were young and will be until we can do no more and then, when the ice begins to freeze within us, we will make time for one more cast.


Source : Youtube

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